Bad Company 2 - Server restart

Bad Company 2 – Server restart

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Heute gab es wohl ein Punkbuster Update ( Serverseitig ), damit alles wieder perfekt läuft, müsst Ihr Euren Bad Company 2 Gamingserver neu starten!

Original Statement von DICE

After optimizations and restarts yesterday, we had been stable across all platforms. Unfortunately, we encountered another outage at approximately 9:30 AM PST today.

- X360 was severely impacted, and the service is being restarted. It should be back online and we are monitoring closely.
– PC had an outage, but the service is offline currently and the service is being restarted. It should be back online and we are monitoring closely. We will then start checking the quality of the customer experience to determine possible next steps.
PS3 appeared to have a brief outage, but has quickly recovered and the services is functioning properly at this time.

All teams are actively engaged in diagnosis and remediation. We are adding additional services to alleviate load. Despite having a major infrastructure in place, the peak traffic this weekend has been huge, 400% higher than any other Battlefield’s peak simultaneous users. The teams will continue to monitor the services closely. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will provide further updates on the latest developments as they are relevant.

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  • Ja das hat geholfen, aber trotzdem verliert er ständig noch die verbindung zu EA :( Also ich fliege regelmäßig raus…
    Ne Lösung wäre echt super

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